iCRM Main Features

Bank Accounts - Record and store your account bank details.

Expense Claims - Create, track, monitor and store your company expenses claims.

Customers - Create, track, monitor and store your customers details.

Sales Quotes, Orders & Invoice - Produce templated sales quotes, orders & invoice. Monitor and track all your sales documents. It is east to use with powerful impact.

Credit & Delivery Notes - Manage the entire cycle of sales with templated credit and delivery notes to your customers.

Suppliers - Create, track, monitor and store your suppliers details.

Purchase Orders & Invoice - Auto convert your purchase order to your vendor from your quotation.

Employees – Create, track, monitor and store your employees details.

Payslip – Auto generate your emplyoees payslip.

Reports – Comprehensive & reliable reports for your company use


Easy to use and manage

No license and software cost

No setup fee. Pay for the monthly subscription

Run your business over the cloud

Secure and reliable hosting

Affordable cost of use, eliminating huge investment of having internal accounting system

Pay as you use

No lock-in. You own your data. You can get the entire copy of your data should you wish for it

Product Specification

iCRM.Biz runs on reliable cloud platform globally. We provide secure and dedicated access to our customers. iCRM's features meets enterprise business demands. We deliver our services on a very high speed connection with world class security at a low price to our customer.

Easy to use :
Cost Saving :
Realiable :
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