Introduction of ICRM

iCRM.Biz also known as iACC.Biz is a cloud-hosted accounting application, best for professionals and SME companies. It is based on the award winning open source Manager. With iCRM.Biz, you are not paying for the software and license. You just pay an affordable monthly subscription to our cloud service. So with us, you just pay what you use and pay as you grow your business. iCRM.Biz platform pricing is design to meet your budget and proven to be a very cost effective solution for your company. Something you couldn’t find with other provider. Forget about maintaining in-house server and hiring a dedicated IT administrator to manage your internal infrastructure. With the low monthly subscription cost, you can focus on expanding your business by utilising all the features provided by iCRM.Biz platform.



Easy to use and manage

No license and software cost

No setup fee. Pay for the monthly subscription

Run your business over the cloud

Secure and reliable hosting

Product Specification

iCRM.Biz runs on reliable cloud platform, globally. We provide secure and dedicated access to our customers. iCRM's features meets enterprise business demands. We deliver our services on a high speed connection with world class security at a low price to our customer.

Easy to use :
Cost Saving :
Reliable :
Affordable :

iCRM Pricing

Thank you for showing your interest in iCRM (Integrated Company Record Management). We believe that through our iCRM system platform, you will be able to reduce your cost drastically and increase productivity level. Our pricing structure is very simple, affordable monthly subscription price. Contact us if you need us to help you get started.

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